Monday, February 24, 2014


No Organic Chem class today!

Animal Physiology

  So there's something new on the right side over there on all of my blogs. I've been keeping a study blog since Spring 2012, and I have steadily built a pretty substantial following -- both on campus at CSU and even in other countries. I have no idea why anyone other than classmates would access my blogs, except for maybe random google appearances. I'm hoping that anyone who finds themselves here finds something that helps them in their studies.
  I use a Livescribe Echo Smartpen to record these lectures and notes that I share on this blog, and I have to replace the ink cartridges in them every once in a while. They aren't incredibly expensive, but a little extra would definitely help in that department. Also, I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on August 1, so the expenses are starting to pile up. I want to take a prep course over the summer before I take the actual test, and boy are those courses pricy!
  I know that college students aren't loaded or anything, and I know it's a lot to ask anyone to cough up money for using my blog. I've never asked anyone to pay up for accessing this resource, although MANY people have suggested that I charge. I just don't think it's comprehensive enough for someone to use it solely to help prepare them for exams, and it's really not a lot of extra work to make it available to everyone. I don't mind having it here and leaving it up for those who are taking the same classes to be able to access in subsequent semesters. However, I have had tons of people come up to me and mention that they wouldn't be doing as well in the class if they didn't have this here. Hearing those kinds of comments sends me to the moon and totally makes it worth it.
  So, I am giving the OPTION for anyone who has benefitted from using this information to give a little donation. I will not be using it to booze up after graduation, I promise it will go towards #1 - ink refills for the smartpen, #2 - Paying for the MCAT itself and the prep course, and #3 - Any leftovers will help support me while I'm going to med school starting in 2015 (fingers crossed). If I am overwhelmed by donations in excess of this (big belly laugh), I will donate it to a charitable organization of my choice. Fair enough?
  Thanks to everyone who has made my time at CSU such a blast, I couldn't have gotten this far without the overwhelming support of my family, my friends, my schoolmates, and my awesome professors.
Thank you so much!

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